Postdoc, Department of Genetics and Genome Sciences


Li lab, from Department of Genetics and Genome Sciences at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), has an opening for a postdoc fellow or visiting scholar in stem cell biology. The overall focus of the lab is to study the functions of non-coding cis-regulatory elements in development and complex diseases, especially related to diabetic conditions. You can also visit lab web site for more detail:


The applicant filling this position will study the impact of genetic variants on the epigenetic and genomic events in stem cells including iPS and ES cells. The postdoc fellow will be exposed to multiple cutting edge genetic and genomic technologies including CRISPR screening, single cell genomics, ChIP-seq, RNA-seq and Hi-C.


  1. List duties that are marginal or infrequent.

  2. Perform other duties as assigned.


This section is important in rating the position, so please give it thought and consideration when developing the position description. Indicate who the incumbent will have contact with (i.e., department staff, students, potential donors), the frequency (i.e., infrequent (up to 5%), occasional (6-15%), moderate (16-30%), regular (31-45%), frequent (46-65%), and continuous (66+%) and for what purpose (i.e., provide information, resolve complaints, solicit donations).

Department: Department of Genetics and Genome Sciences

University: Case Western Reserve University


Direct supervisory responsibility includes the authority to hire, transfer, suspend, layoff, recall, promote, discharge, assign, reward or discipline subordinate employees or effectively recommend such actions. List the job titles of the direct report under supervisory responsibility (refer to organization chart). 


Highly motivated PhD or MD holders in biology or medical science


Preferred skill for candidate:

  1. Prior experiences with cell biology or stem cells

  2. Prior knowledge/experiences with flow cytometry, immunostaining and viral vectors

  3. With some experience on mouse work



All applicants please send material to:

Assistant Professor: Li, Yan


 Case Western Reserve University is an Equal Opportunity Employer encouraging excellence through diversity.  Qualified woman and minority candidates are encouraged to apply. 

Case Western Reserve University provides reasonable accommodations to applicants with disabilities.  Applicants requiring a reasonable accommodation for any part of the application and hiring process should contact the Office of Inclusion, Diversity and Equal Opportunity at 216-368-8877 to request a reasonable accommodation.  Determinations as to granting reasonable accommodations for any applicant will be made on a case-by-case basis.