Research Associate / Data Manager

Date: April 01, 2019

Title: Research Associate / Data Manager

Department: Pathology

School:  Medicine

Location: WRB

Supervisor Name and Title: Rafick-Pierre Sekaly, Ph.D. Professor of Pathology




The Data Manager will join the multi-disciplinary group including immunologists and computer biologists studying immunology-related diseases (ex. Flu, HIV, Cancer) and therapies (ex. Vaccine, engineered T-cells) using cutting technologies. The Data Manager will be responsible for managing data from a variety of research studies and ensuring data is collected, managed, and reported clearly, accurately, and securely. The position will be responsible for proper data management to ensure timely entry, query resolution, facilitate correspondence with sponsors during site visits, help answer sponsor’s queries, and provide data directly to the identified database for each study. May contribute to the creation or development of data management systems.

The responsibilities of this position include management of the computer (hardware and software) and bioinformatics requirements for program projects, that include capturing the experimental design, determining statistical power, then selecting the appropriate statistical, bioinformatics analysis, data mining, and data archiving workflows, and finally the dissemination of data and analysis reports.




Perform analysis relating molecular entities, invitro/in-vivo/clinical biological activities, and complex phenotypes in a quantitative way and deliver testable hypotheses. Proactively manage and explore the data by conducting data mining to extract maximal value from the multidimensional molecular datasets. (20%)


Provide technical leadership and training in the application of computer hardware, analysis software, and databases for managing program projects, dissemination of data, and analysis of ‘omics platforms, to scientific collaborators, and to supervise the training of junior members of the laboratory. Lead the technical writing (statistics, bioinformatics analysis of ‘omics platforms) for program grants, figure generation and publication of manuscripts. (20%)


Design and implement Bioinformatics workflows in an SOP manner for batch pre-processing and quality control of microarray, sequencing and flow cytometry platforms. Manage and archive large data sets from next-generation sequencing experiments and develop, refine, and improve bioinformatics tools for interpretation of these large genomic data sets generated by laboratory members and linking them to the public archives. (15%)


Serve in a leadership role with a multi-disciplinary team addressing clinical bioinformatics workflows, and to analyze and interpret NGS data, to provide deep knowledge of bioinformatics analysis and data mining as applied across one or several key clinical indications including correlates of immune protection, infection, and vaccine efficacy, to characterize gene correlates and determine their significance when correlated with clinical outcome measures. (15%)


Maintain detailed records of all these analyses, and present results and progress updates at lab meetings, and present scientific findings to experimental and scientific collaborators. (10%)


Evaluate the performance of novel technology platforms and assays, as well as track specimen information, experimental and analysis parameters, performance metrics, and genomic results in databases. (10%)


Work with IT and develop integrated computing environment in the laboratory supporting Apple, Microsoft, and UNIX/Linux operating systems, and to establish and participate in the maintenance of a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) which will provide electronic data management of samples, analysis pipelines and reports. (10%)




  1. Perform other duties as assigned.



Department: Frequent contact with Pathology Department Administration

University: Frequent contact with other CWRU collaborating Departments including other basic science departments and ITS

External: Infrequent contact with vendors, IRB, other collaborating institutions

Students: Daily contact with Students, Staff, Researchers






Experience: Minimum of 3 years’ experience

Education/Licensing: BS required in Informatics or Bioinformatics



  1. Knowledge in Immunology and Bioinformatics Is a plus.
  2. Professional and effective oral and written communication skills; and good interpersonal skills with the ability to work and communicate with various individuals within and external to the University.  Must be able to clearly relay information to the PI and other researchers and prepare written documents for grant submissions, manuscripts, publications, etc. as needed.
  3. Strong organization skills; ability to multi-task, prioritize and meet deadlines.  Must demonstrate attention to detail and accuracy, time management skills, and follow-through.  
  4. Effective management skills; ability to lead, train, work with, and elicit cooperation from team members and staff. 
  5. Ability to work effectively independently and collaboratively within a team.  Must be highly motivated, responsible, dependable and a self-starter.  Must demonstrate a strong desire to learn and to advance research.
  6. Effective problem-solving skills; must demonstrate excellent analytical skills, sound judgment and good decision-making. 
  7. Must demonstrate flexibility and ability to work under pressure; must be able and willing to conform to shifting priorities, demands and timeline. 
  8. Willingness to follow protocols and provide suggestions to the PI. 
  9. Ability to operate laboratory equipment. 
  10. Good computer skills (must by efficient in SQL plus Java, Python or C++); must demonstrate proficiency in Microsoft Office and data management.



Standard research lab environment. May need to work nights and weekends if necessary to complete process runs or if there is equipment malfunction. Will need to complete all necessary DOES safety trainings.



In employment, as in education, Case Western Reserve University is committed to Equal Opportunity and Diversity.  Women, veterans, members of underrepresented minority groups, and individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply.


Qualified candidates should submit their cv to bxc383@case.ed