Research Associate, Department of Otolaryngology

Research Associate-Otolaryngology – Part Time


Perform molecular hearing research in the Department of Otolaryngology using genetic mouse models. With minimal supervision, the Research Associate will be expected to have excellent bench working skills, the ability to thoughtfully design experiments, be highly organized and have efficient problem-solving capacity. Will be required to manage projects, mouse colonies, write grants and manuscripts, train new lab members, coordinate with external and internal collaborators, and follow all the laboratory protocols, policies and guidelines


1. Perform molecular hearing research using genetic mouse models, to develop novel experimental approaches, test experimentally different novel hypothesis, obtain reproducible experimental data, write research articles for publication and assist with preparation of research proposals. It is expected that the research associate should have one manuscript/year as a first author in journals with a higher rating than 2.

2. Train, supervise, and coordinate other members of research group (post-doctoral fellows, residents, graduate students, medical students, undergraduate students, research scholars, etc.) in relevant protocols. Management of laboratory inventories and adherence to laboratory safety procedures. Manage mouse colony, including routine husbandry, breeding, pedigree tracking, genotyping and in vivo experimentation. Willing to learn and perform ear dissections and hearing testing in mice. Perform sterile cell culture techniques and in vitro bioassays. Perform molecular biology techniques, including quantitative PCR; western blot and immunohistochemistry. 

3. Write manuscripts and submit for publication.  Candidates must independently conduct literature reviews; participate in writing reports and manuscripts.  

4. Give presentations and engage with other relevant presentations/presenters: within our research group, within CWRU, and at national meetings

5. Assist Dr. Zheng with grant applications.


1. Attend seminars in our department and within CWRU.

2. Perform other duties as assigned. CONTACTS Department: Dr. Zheng: Coordinate research and preparation of manuscripts, presentations and assist with grant preparation (weekly). Other members of research group: train, supervise, and coordinate research (daily).  University: Members of collaborating labs: coordinate research programs (monthly).  Animal Resource Center Personnel: Coordinate in vivo portion of research program (monthly). Other members of research group: train, supervise, and coordinate research (daily).


Train, supervise, and coordinate research with other members of research group (post-doctoral fellows, Otolaryngology residents, graduate students, medical students, undergraduate students, research scholars, etc.).


Experience: Recent PhD or MD in relevant field with experience training, supervising, and coordinating research with other members of research group 3+years of post-doctoral experience in molecular genetics, neuroscience. Experience in ear disease oriented research.


1. Outstanding ability to design, plan, perform, interpret, and trouble-shoot experiments independently.

2. Animal handling and maintenance of relevant mouse colony.

3. Modern cellular and molecular biology, including: Cell culture Nucleic acid isolation, purification, manipulation, and analysis (genotyping, sequencing, RNA isolation and RT-qPCR and PCR, cloning, western blots, electrophoresis, primer design/validation, etc.) Tissue harvest and dissociation to recover live cells isolation of desired cells by flow cytometry advanced data analysis.

4. Outstanding communication skills (oral and written).

5. Outstanding organizational skills.

6. Outstanding ability to train, supervise, and coordinate research with other members of research group.

7. Outstanding record keeping of all of the above.


1. Mouse genetics, Modern cellular and molecular biology laboratory.

2. Occasional travel to national meetings.

3. Necessary overtime to complete protocols.

Please send all resumes and cover letters to Qing Zheng at

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