Research Associate - Genetics and Genome Sciences

Title: Research Associate 

Department: Genetics and Genome Sciences

School: Medicine 

Location: Wolstein research building 3204

Supervisor Name and Title: Zhenghe John Wang, Professor


Please email your CV/Resume to 



The Research Associate will design and implement high impact colon cancer research projects with translational goals. The projects will elucidate the molecular mechanisms by which oncogenic mutations drive tumorigenesis and utilize the insights from these studies to design novel approaches to treat colon cancer patients whose tumors harbor these oncogenic mutations. Projects will involve genome editing, tumor model establishment, mouse immunization, monoclonal antibody production, colon cancer organoid establishment, metabolite tracing and signal transduction. The research associate is expected to work with the supervisor to mentor graduate, under graduate and high school students 



  1. Design and implement monoclonal antibody production including antigen selection production, immunization, cell fusion and monoclonal antibody screening (15%).
  2. Design and implement gene targeted colon cancer cell lines including sgRNA design, repair vector design and construction, plasmid transfection and target clone screening and validation (15%).
  3. Establish colon cancer models involving colon cancer cell lines, colon cancer tissues and genetically engineered mouse models for testing efficacy of anticancer drugs and for interrogating role of oncogenic pathways in colorectal tumorigenesis (15%). 
  4. Establish organoids from tumor biopsies from patients and mouse colon tumors and tissue including medium preparation, tissue processing, culturing and organoid passaging and preservation (15%). 
  5. Design and implement experiments to delineate cellular pathways regulated by oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes including performing Western blot, RNA-seq and phospho-proteomics analyses (15%).   
  6. Perform metabolite tracing experiments in cell lines and animal models (15%). 
  7. Mentor graduate, under graduate and high school students (10%).



Perform other duties as assigned.



Supervise graduate, undergraduate and high school students. Provide technical assistance and help to trouble shoot research problems. 



Experience: Position requires a minimal of 4 years of experience in colon cancer research. Education/Licensing: A PhD in biological science. 



The candidate must have the following technical skills: various molecular biology techniques including gene targeting, molecular cloning, western blot analysis, real-time PCR, ect; various cellular assays involving colon cancer cell lines; immunohistochemistry analysis of tumor tissues; establishment colon cancer subcutaneous models; developing and analyzing transgenic mice with intestinal tumors, organoid establishment, monoclonal antibody production and stable isotope metabolite tracing.



The applicant will work with tissue cultured cells and mice.