Research Associate - Organizational Behavior

Date: 9/11/23
Title: Research Associate
Department: Organizational Behavior
School: WSOM
Location: Peter B. Lewis Building

Supervisor Name and Title: John Paul Stephens, Associate Professor


Overview: This position will primarily involve responsibility for overseeing and engaging in action research that assesses and intervenes into the teamwork quality on large construction projects. This research is housed in the Department of Organizational Behavior and performed in collaboration with the Cleveland Clinic (80% of time). In collaboration with the CWRU Office of Interprofessional and Interdisciplinary Education and Research, secondary responsibility will involve designing, implementing, studying, and analyzing teamwork education and coaching interventions, including courses, workshops, simulations and formal team research (20% of time).



  1. Perform literature reviews to develop and maintain familiarity with relevant scholarly literature (5%)
  2. Ongoing management and analysis of extant quantitative and qualitative data datasets (15%).
  3. Assistance with drafting and revising scholarly products for dissemination of research findings (e.g., abstracts, conference presentations, journal articles, book chapters, etc.) (10%)
  4. Create, select, and administer various data collection instruments (e.g., observation protocols, interview schedules and survey questionnaires). Train others how to properly administer data collection instruments in observing, interviewing and surveying teams involved in construction projects, healthcare, teamwork workshops, teamwork courses, etc. (10%).
  5. Carry out complex and new quantitative and qualitative analyses of the observational, interview, simulation, and survey data (8%).
  6. Build and maintain basic relational databases, run queries and create tables and populate existing tables with new data (7%).
  7. Collect data during assessments, focus groups, simulations, and study team meetings (7%).
  8. Analyze data using SPSS statistical analysis software or other software programs (e.g., R, Mplus) as appropriate (7%).
  9. Develop and administer/facilitate organizational development interventions in collaboration with Cleveland Clinic action research study team members (7%)
  10. Meet with Cleveland Clinic action research study team members and affiliated personnel to answer questions and provide technical assistance (7%).
  11. Assist with comprehensive program evaluation, report and funding proposal preparation and writing (7%).
  12. Coordinate interviews, track and follow up on interviewers and daily project operations (5%).
  13. May supervise student research assistants (5%).



  • Highly organized and able to manage extant datasets while developing new datasets
  • Experience in Microsoft Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), and parallel email and internet applications (e.g., GSuite).
  • Expertise in quantitative data collection (e.g., survey questionnaire development)
  • Proficiency with statistical programs like Mplus (required to perform exploratory/confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation modeling)
  • Proficiency with statistical packages such as SPSS
  • Expertise in qualitative data collection and analysis (e.g., grounded theory development, coding, memoing, etc.)
  • Proficiency with qualitative data analysis softaware (e.g., Nvivo or Dedoose)
  • Shared research interests in coordination, teamwork, positive work relationships and/or culture change
  • Demonstrated interest in living out the best practices established in this research: respectful engagement, constructive feedback, appreciation of strengths and a growth mindset while working with others
  • Ability to work with general supervision while being highly proactive and solution-oriented.
  • Excellent interpersonal and written communication skills.



  • Prior experience with conducting and publishing mixed-methods research
  • Prior organizational development expertise (e.g., coaching, consulting)
  • Proficiency with R is a plus
  • Familiarity with Internet-based data collection and repository management applications or analytic supports such as CWRUBox, REDCap, Qualtrics, and SPSS Syntax a definite plus
  • Experience responding to RFPs and obtaining external grant funding a definite plus.



Please send your CV and three references to