Research Associate (Physiology and Biophysics)


The objective of this position is to efficiently perform laboratory investigations and to provide necessary productive and smooth operations of the research laboratory. The objectives of the research project in the AVF laboratory is to understand the conduction of gases (O2, CO2 or N2) through membrane channels such as aquaporins (AQPs) and Rhesus (Rh proteins) through X-ray crystallography. Applicants are required to have a PhD and at least 3 years of postdoctoral experience. A strong conceptual technical and practical background in membrane protein expression (in bacteria, yeast, mammalian cells), extraction, purification and crystallization are essential. Extensive knowledge in X-ray crystallography of membrane proteins is an absolute requirement. Practical knowledge of microbiological techniques such as cloning and PCR, and previous experience in working with aquaporin and Rhesus protein structures are a plus. The applicant should also be highly motivated and be able to carry out research projects independently. Additionally, excellent oral and written English skills are a must and the applicant is expected to work towards deadlines. There will be fortnight online meetings with our collaborators. The successful applicant will also be expected to train students and research assistants in our lab. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS  


The Research Associate will carry out :

  1. Membrane protein expression, purification, crystallization (40 %)
  2. Analyzing X-ray data (processing, structure solution, refinement, validation) (30 %)
  3. Writing manuscripts for publication (20 %)
  4. Training students / research assistants (10 %)

  He/she will work closely with the PI in experimental design, data interpretation and writing manuscripts

 for publication



Perform other duties as assigned, support  PI of running the lab, make sure everything is ready for experiments



  1. the department:  PI, other scientists in the lab, other departmental personnel, collaborators.
  2. the university: Safety and health officers, collaborators.
  3.   Vendors and service personnel of various pieces of equipment and computer software.
  1.   Undergraduates and research assistant that work in the lab.



Dr. Vahedi-Faridi will provide guidance on those projects.


Requires a PhD degree and at least 3 years of postdoctoral experience in chemistry, biochemistry or structural biology. Prior experience in the following techniques is advantageous: DNA cloning, PCR, previous structural work on aquaporins and Rhesus proteins, treatment of protein crystals with noble gases.


  1. Technical and practical background in membrane protein expression (in bacteria, yeast, mammalian cells), extraction, purification and crystallization
  2. Knowledge of X-ray crystallography (data processing, structure solution, validation)
  3. Good organizational skills; ability to work towards deadlines, excellent oral and written English skills, preparation and submission of manuscripts


General laboratory environment.  

Work is performed primarily in a lab setting with frequent interruptions and distractions; the research associate is regularly exposed to research specific chemicals, the employee is not exposed to explosive hazards, burn hazards and electrical shock. The noise level in the work environment is moderate.


Please forward your resumes to ArdeschirVahedi-Faridi, PhD  ( and Morley Schwebel (

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