Research Scientist - Biomedical Engineering

Title: Research Scientist

Department: Biomedical Engineering

Supervisor Name and Title: Dan Ma – Assistant Professor


  1. Statement of research and scientific responsibilities

The responsibilities of this position include: planning and executing between 4-6 projects in collaboration with faculty members from CWRU and other academic institutions. As a collaborator of the Center, the RS will perform advanced MRF research. He/she will perform data analysis utilizing magnetic resonance imaging data, computer models, and statistical tools. As a RS he/she will prepare manuscripts and contribute preliminary data, background and significance and experimental design for grant proposals. The RS will participate in the development of optimized magnetic resonance fingerprinting (MRF) sequences with diffusion. 

In addition to these scientific responsibilities, the RS will also work in collaboration with faculty members to write and apply for research grants as a principal investigator. The grant applications will require advanced planning of the projects and their administrative aspects.


  1. Technical skills

Magnetic resonance imaging physics

Experience in computational methods for MR sequence programming

Mathematical and computational background for optimization


  1. Supervisory Responsibilies


Supervise graduate students and undergraduate students in conducting MRI research, image processing, and reconstruction and data analysis for a variety of projects in the Center. Specifically, the RS will be responsible for guiding and mentoring a research associate as the senior author on projects.


  1. education Requirements

Ph.D. in Engineering-related field.


  1. Years of relevant experience Required

      At least 5 years of experience

      Peer-reviewed research publications on magnetic resonance fingerprinting



$55-$65 K per year


Send all application materials to Dan Ma