Research Scientist - Department of Nutrition

Date: 04/09/2020

Title: Research Scientist

Department: Nutrition

School: Medicine

Location: Biomedical Research Building

Supervisor Name and Title: John C. Tilton, M.D, Associate Professor, Center for Proteomics and Bioinformatics, Department of Nutrition



Working with a high degree of independence and under general direction, coordinate major activities of research projects. Projects focus on repurposing viruses for delivery of therapeutic agents and understanding the biology of extracellular vesicles. The successful applicant will be expected to independently direct significant aspects of the laboratory’s research efforts and write and apply for funding opportunities, including NIH grants.



  1. Independently direct aspects of the laboratory research program with an emphasis on extracellular vesicle (EV) RNA and protein analysis and function, repurposing EVs and virus-like particles for therapeutic uses including RNA delivery, and write and apply for grant opportunities to further the laboratory’s research efforts in these areas. (40%)
  2. Coordinate and oversee major activities of laboratory research staff including but not limited to: cell culture, production of engineered virus-like particles carrying therapeutics, analysis of cargo delivery in vitro and in vivo, western blotting, DNA Cloning, qRT-PCR and protein immunoprecipitation. (20%)
  3. Contribute to the operation of the laboratory including: generating solutions for experimentation, maintain equipment and troubleshoot issues, and maintaining laboratory inventories. (20%)
  4. Teach/instruct graduate and undergraduate students in research techniques, procedures and assays. Supervise research assistants and technicians. (10%)



  1. Co-author research projects. (5%)
  2. Perform other duties as assigned. (5%)



Department: Weekly contact with supervisor to discuss research. Daily contact with other laboratory personnel to discuss ongoing studies and coordinate work required as dictated by project

University: Occasional contact with members of other departments to facilitate and conduct research projects in the laboratory.

External: Occasional contact with vendors to exchange information regarding pricing and order status

Students: Daily contact with student employees and graduate students who are active members of projects in Tilton lab to provide training/instruction



Supervise research assistants and technicians.



Experience: 5 to 8 years of related experience required.

Education/Licensing: Doctoral degree in science.



  1. Ability to independently lead other laboratory members in the accomplishment of research projects and report back to principal investigator in a timely manner.
  2. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Good interpersonal skills and ability to work effectively and professionally with students and department. Ability to interact with colleagues, supervisors, and customers face to face.
  3. Ability and willingness to write and apply for funding opportunities to further the laboratory research goals.
  4. Extensive experience in molecular biology and biochemistry techniques such as: qRT-PCR, DNA cloning, RNA transcription, and western Blotting.
  5. Good organization skills: Ability to multi-task, prioritize and give attention to detail in order to complete tasks and meet deadlines. Ability to follow protocols independently and budget time effectively
  6. Ability to operate laboratory equipment including centrifuges, nanoparticle analyzers, UV/Vis spectrophotometer, phosphoimagers, nucleic acid and protein gel systems. Ability to troubleshoot issues
  7. Highly motivated and demonstrate willingness to learn new techniques, procedures, process and computer programs as needed.
  8. Ability to meet consistent attendance. 



General laboratory environment. The employee will be exposed to chemicals, UV light and radioactive materials.


Interested applicants should send their CV to