Research Scientist - Mary Ann Swetland Center for Environmental Health Sciences

Research Scientist

Job Description: 

  • Analyze and interpret data to increase the understanding of population health trends.
  • Collect data about the attitudes, values, beliefs, and behaviors of people and communities using observations, interviews, focus groups, and document review.
  • Prepare publications and reports containing research findings.
  • Plan and conduct research to develop and test theories about population health issues, such as community nutrition policies, food insecurity, health equity, and food systems.
  • Develop, implement, and evaluate methods of data collection, such as questionnaires or interviews.
  • Present research findings at professional and scientific meetings.
  • Develop approaches to the solution of population health problems, based on research findings in population health and related fields.
  • Direct work of data analysts, biostatisticians, and others who compile and evaluate research data.
  • Consult with and advise individuals such as program administrators, policy makers, and business leaders regarding population health issues and policies, as well as the implications of research findings.
  • Develop intervention procedures to test in efficacy, effectiveness, and implementation trials.
  • Collaborate with researchers from other disciplines and sectors.
  • Contribute preliminary data and writing to grant proposal development either collaboratively with other team members or as an independent investigator.
  • Provide strategic guidance to the aims and goals of the environmental health research center and establish and maintain relationships with community and stakeholder partners to further center goals
  • Mentor and train postdoc, graduate, and undergraduate research assistants in community-engaged mixed methods techniques.

CWRU seeks a Research Scientist in Cleveland, Ohio.

Travel required:  Position requires 5% domestic and international travel.

Required Qualifications: Requires a PhD in Spatially Integrated Social Science, Applied Social Science, Population Health Sciences, or a related field of study and four (4) years of experience as a Research Scientist, Research Associate, Teaching Assistant/Instructor, Geographic Information System Intern, or related role.  Requires experience in or knowledge of: qualitative research methodologies, including interviews, focus groups, and content analysis; geospatial research methodologies, including ArcGIS, advanced spatial analysis, and spatial epidemiology; community and stakeholder engaged research, including participatory action research or other collaborative methodologies, partnership formation, and collaboration in conceptualization, implementation, and evaluation of community-engaged studies; quantitative methodologies, intervention and experimental designs; statistical methodology such as chi-square tests, t-tests, ANOVA, MANOVA, or regression; Microsoft Office including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, and SQL Server; statistical analysis and data management in SPSS, STATA or SAS; and qualitative software such as NVivo or MAXQDA.  Experience with the required skills may be gained through academic coursework, work experience, teaching, and internships.  Position requires 5% domestic and international travel.  Can work remotely.


Qualified applicants must upload resume to apply at: Please save the file as [LAST NAME].Research Scientist.Mary Ann Swetland Center for Environmental Health.