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Winter Break Parking

Winter Break Parking

Parking for Winter Break

If your permit expires at the end of Fall semester, you must renew/purchase a Spring Semester permit during the renewal period and choose a beginning date to suit your needs. If you do not renew during the renewal period, you may not be eligible for the same parking area for the Spring.

If you do not yet want to purchase a Spring permit, you may purchase a temporary permit to cover winter break only (to buy a temporary permit, you need to come to Access Services in Crawford Hall, room 18). However, please note that if you do not renew your Fall permit during the renewal period, you may lose your space for Spring.

To renew your Fall permit for Winter break only:
Bring your current hang tag to Access Services along with your vehicle information. You may then purchase a temporary permit for the entirety of winter break (ending the last Sunday before classes begin for Spring semester).

If you have a permit that expires at the end of Spring semester, you do not need to do anything. Your Spring permit will be valid over winter break.

How to leave your vehicle on campus if you're leaving for break:
Bring your current parking hang tag to Access Services (if applicable) and you may trade it in for a temporary permit in lot 46 only. If there is a price difference from the lot where you currently park and lot 46, you will be responsible to pay any differences. Lot 46 is the only lot where you may store your vehicle for break and you must purchase for the entire winter break up front in person in Access Services. Also, any resident or anyone storing their vehicle in lot 46 for winter break must park on the third (3rd) level or above. Parking violations may be issued if parked on a lower level.