RTA Passes

RTA Pass Information

Important Update

Beginning with the Fall Semester 2016 Passes, all RTA will be stickers that will be affixed to your ID card. All eligible students must have the U-Pass sticker affixed to their CWRU student ID card by authorized university personnel. 

Please note: You may not transfer or sell your U-Pass sticker to anyone.

The stickers will be placed on your ID card to the left of your picture. Do not try to move your sticker because it will become void, and you will need to purchase a replacement sticker at the full amount of the original price.

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See this link on how to ride the RTA.

Undergraduate U-Pass Program

Case Western Reserve University is pleased to support the popular U-Pass program. A U-Pass allows students to ride free of charge on all Greater Cleveland RTA buses and rapid trains during each academic semester. The Undergraduate Student Government (USG) developed this program in the spring of 2001, and a vote of the student body approved the plan. A $40 activity fee is billed to each student each semester. Access Services administers the program the U-Pass program according to the policies passed by the student referendum and based on the agreement between CWRU and the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority.  

The passes provide an excellent way to get to locations throughout the city where admission is free with CWRU student ID cards. The website at studentaffairs.case.edu/programs/freeaccess/ has more information about the Free Access program for CWRU students.

Graduate/Professional Student U-Pass Program

Effective summer semester 2019, the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) has discontinued its Opt-in U-Pass program for graduate/professional students, which provided optional public transit access for $60 per semester.

RTA is offering an option for each school to implement an all-in program, in which all students are charged a semester fee, at the discretion of the individual school’s students. This option requires a vote by the students to decide if the school will participate; the Mandel of Applied Social Sciences has voted to implement the all-in program.

The new agreement will be in effect for one year and will cover both the Fall and Spring semesters. The U-Pass charge is automatically added to each student's account each semester. The U-Pass fee for graduate school for the duration of this agreement is $60.00 for each semester. 

Please check with your school to check to see if they have opted-in.

The U-Pass program is currently available for Fall!


Stickers are distributed at the beginning of both fall and spring semesters to all residents and commuter undergraduate students. For undergrad students residing in university housing, the RTA stickers will be issued at their assigned area office. Graduate and professional schools must have had voted an all-in opt-in to be eligible for students to receive the RTA UPass sticker and must come to Access Services to purchase their stickers applied on their CWRU ID in person by Access Services team members. 

  • Fall 2021 Semester Validation Dates: 8/16/21 - 1/12/22
  • Spring 2020 Semester Validation Dates: 1/13/22 - 5/17/22

Stickers will not be available for the following semester until a few days before its start date. To know whether they are available, please contact Access Services at access@case.edu.


  • You must be a student enrolled full-time in the current semester.
  • Present your valid Case ID card to an Access Services staff member at Crawford Hall, lower level.

Sticker Placement

  • U-Pass sticker will be placed on your CaseOneCard ID left of your photo. U-Passes will be invalid if removed was it is placed CaseOneCard ID.

Policies and Regulations

  • A $35.00 U-Pass fee is automatically added to each undergraduate student’s account to support the U-Pass program. This fee is assessed each semester.
  • Students must get a new U-Pass sticker in both the Fall and Spring semesters.
  • The U-Pass program generates no revenue for the University; as a result, University personnel does not have the authority to waive the fee or make special exceptions.

Benefits to Students

  • The cost of a U-Pass sticker has remained constant since its inception. The program for undergrad students has been renewed through 2024.
  • All undergraduate CWRU students share the benefits of the U-Pass program - a lessened demand for on-campus parking as students choose to take public transportation and cost savings for those students who directly participate in the U-Pass ridership program.
  • All undergraduate students registered for full-time or Graduate students with schools all opt-in are eligible to utilize the U-Pass program. You can use RTA transit to travel on all routes anytime throughout Cuyahoga County, including downtown, the airport, a ball game, etc. Your utilization of the U-Pass program is not limited to only University-related activities. 

Commuter Advantage for Faculty and Staff

This program allows eligible Faculty and Staff to purchase RTA monthly bus passes via payroll deduction. The payroll deduction option means that the expense for the pass will be paid with pre-tax dollars and can provide employees with a tax benefit of up to $200 per year when it is deducted from their paycheck. These passes are available at Access Services.

Passes may be purchased by the last business day of the previous month; for example, a pass for September must be purchased by the last business day in August.

There is a 55% discount for all full-time employees making less than $50,000/year. For eligible employees to receive this discount, they must purchase their pass via payroll deduction. No discount can be applied via cash or credit card transactions. Nothing needs to be done or requested by the employee to receive this discount, as it will automatically be applied to your paycheck.