Hotline Coaching

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To request ACES+ Hotline Coaching email the Deputy Provost at

Hotline Coaching allows CWRU faculty facing unique opportunities and challenges to receive short, quick-turnaround coaching from a professional executive coach to help them address and resolve a specific issue, opportunity, or problem.

Hotline coaching assists individual faculty to analyze and contextualize an emergent issue or opportunity, prioritize preferences, and initiate a plan of action for resolution of the issue. Hotline Coaching has been sought for career choice questioning, job negotiations, research supervision, and budget management issues.

One or two sessions of hotline coaching are available to all CWRU faculty on an as-needed basis.

Issues for which Hotline Coaching has been requested include:

  • considering a departmental chair position
  • negotiations
  • assistance with preparation for a formal grievance
  • job negotiations regarding role as Committee Chair
  • research funding supervision and budget management issues
  • career choice questioning, and career development and planning issues.


ACES Hotline Coaching was established in February 2006 as an outcome of a University-wide meeting of women faculty that was convened by the ACES leadership. Women faculty from ACES and non-ACES departments asked the ACES co-PIs to create an ACES hotline for emergency-type coaching that would be available to all campus women faculty on an as-needed basis. As part of the institutionalization as ACES+ Hotline Coaching is now available to all CWRU faculty.


Faculty members who have received Hotline Coaching have indicated that they received great benefit in addressing their unique issue from their interactions with their Hotline Coach.

"[My hotline coach] and I met and talked yesterday. It was enormously helpful. Our discussion ... has really helped me to sort some things out. I think that this will help me be more productive and effective.

She has given me some "homework" and we plan to have our second meeting in a month or two when I've had a chance to finish the homework and do some more thinking. Thank you, and ACES, so much for making this possible. It still blows me away that the university is willing to make such an investment in me."

- Heather Morrison, Professor, Department of Astronomy