University Admission: Decision Frequently Asked Questions

Can I appeal my admission decision?

Case Western Reserve University admission decisions are final, and not able to be reviewed. The admission office respects the time and effort that applicants put into their applications. Our review process honors that time and commitment by giving applications the full attention they deserve. Our process considers each applicant individually and within the context of the entire applicant pool.

Can you tell me why I was not offered admission?

The admission committee considers a variety of factors in making admission decisions, therefore it is not possible to identify a specific reason why a student is not offered admission. Additionally, each year we receive applications from more qualified applicants than we are able to accept. Admission to Case Western Reserve University is competitive, and we are unable to offer admission to all qualified candidates.

Can I apply as a transfer student?

Students who have been denied admission as a first-year candidate are welcome to apply for admission as a transfer at a later date. It is our expectation that the vast majority of students who have not been offered admission to CWRU will enroll at another four-year institution and successfully complete their undergraduate studies there. However if you elect to apply as a transfer student for a future term, we will strongly recommend that you complete at least two semesters of full time work before applying. Students who have been denied admission as a first-year candidate cannot re-apply as a transfer for the same term.