At CWRU, the world is your lab

When you think about starting your career in the sciences, what’s going to make you stand out to future employers, grad schools and medical schools?

How about an international research trip where you collected fossils—traveling through terrain rarely seen by humans—and contributed to studies that are helping scientists better pinpoint the timeline of the formation of the Andes Mountains?

Something tells me that will turn a few heads.

A group of people standing in a desert-like naturescape


That’s exactly what two Case Western Reserve University students did. Michaela Galarza and Sara Olmsted (pictured here) recently traveled to southern Bolivia with faculty members Beverly Saylor and Darin Croft to collect data about the South American geology and paleoenvironment. Sleeping under the stars and traveling routes more accustomed to goats than people, the team collected fossils that will shed light on the ancient history and formation of the remote area.


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“There are truly so many people at CWRU who want to help and support you, all you have to do is ask,” Sara says. 

Undergraduate research is the norm at CWRU—82% of students take part in studies with faculty mentors or on their own. Research that takes you across the globe? It’s yours for the taking.