Artemis 1 Launch: How Jamie contributed to the Artemis space mission

NASA launched its Artemis 1 uncrewed Moon-orbiting mission on November 16, 2022. And Case Western Reserve University computer and data sciences major Jamie Booker has had front-row (and backstage) access to the action.

Jamie has been working this semester at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida as a software development co-op student. He’s working directly with the Display Services and Framework (DSF) editor.

Translation: "It’s what allows system engineers to make sense of the data coming from the rocket and lets them control launch procedures from a safe distance," he said. (WOW!)

His work will impact other upcoming launches, including Artemis II, the next crewed lunar flyby mission. His work now could potentially assist in Artemis III, the next moon landing, too. 

“I’m still shocked that I was able to work at Kennedy Space Center during one of their most anticipated launches in years,” Jamie says. “I can tell this semester is going to be formative in deciding my career path.”

That’s what co-ops are all about: Taking two semesters away from campus to do real work with a real company. You learn about the field. You learn about yourself. (And you get paid for it, too!) 

Nearly a third of CWRU engineers go on co-op. None of them have left the stratosphere (yet) but the results are out of this world—94% of CWRU engineering students are employed, in graduate school or otherwise pursuing their goals within six months of graduation.