We make it easy to study abroad

banner of various images showing students studying abroad

Sometimes there’s just no better way to learn the language, culture and history of a place than to immerse yourself in it fully. At Case Western Reserve University, we value the experience and resume-boosting power of study abroad. So we make it easy for you to learn around the world.

  • Spain: Explore multiculturalism and the interplay of Christian, Jewish and Muslim influences.
  • Jordan: Learn Arabic and discuss pressing Middle Eastern issues.
  • Ecuador: Discuss how environmental issues have impacted indigenous populations.
  • Shanghai: Study political science, cultural studies, international business and more. 
  • United Kingdom: Spend a semester at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, the oldest drama school.

With so many opportunities to expand your mind and increase your cultural competency, the hard part may be choosing which study abroad program (or programs!) is right for you. 

Don’t worry, though, we have people for that. Your navigator and our dedicated study abroad advisors can help you find study abroad opportunities that will help you reach your goals.

All you’ll need to do is start packing! (And send me pics along the way.)