4 ways CWRU champions student researchers

a gym full of companies pitching and talking to students

Being involved in undergraduate research is an important complement to your studies in science and pre-medicine. (And it’s going to look great on your med school application!)

At Case Western Reserve University, 82% of our undergraduate students take part in research and creative endeavors. (And some start as early as day one!)

How does it happen? We make sure that our undergraduates have the connections they need to find research opportunities, the skills to contribute meaningfully to research projects and the tools they need to share their findings (like the research presentation fair pictured here).

In fact, we have an entire office with a team of people dedicated to championing undergraduate researchers, we call it SOURCE. (That stands for Support Of Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors.) 

The experts at SOURCE are there to champion you in every step of your research.

  • Databases full of faculty research projects that you can be involved in
  • A certificate program on research ethics
  • Seminars that focus on finding the right research projects for you, preparing for grad school and presenting research effectively
  • Funding for your research, including projects on campus and off campus—and even abroad

At CWRU, the question isn’t can you do undergraduate research? It’s what are you going to discover?​