Senior engineer on her co-op at Apple

Studying engineering at Case Western Reserve University is the first step in a bright future. You’ll learn from renowned faculty. You’ll study alongside some of the most promising (and collaborative) classmates and friends from around the country. You’ll conduct research. And your potential will be recognized by some of the biggest and most sought-after companies in the world. 

We’re talking about iconic brands like Apple.

That was the case for senior electrical engineering major Kshama Girish, who recently completed a co-op at Apple.

What did she do there? For starters, she took on analysis projects that saved her team $4 million and 15,000 pounds of waste, while increasing output. You know, minor stuff 😉

That’s what co-oping is all about. You gain real, in-depth experience—building your resume and getting a paycheck (averaging about $22,500). Companies get to tap into the talents of CWRU students, who are well-prepared to immediately and substantially affect their operations.  

Big-name companies know that CWRU engineers are some of the best in their field. And your education (and your resume) will be better for it.