When interviewers ask you about your leadership experience…

Leadership. It’s a defining quality of future business professionals and one of the most common (and important!) qualifications employers look for.

And at Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management, your chances to hone your leadership skills will be early and often.

Student talking with someone at a career fair
  • During Discover Days, CWRU’s orientation program before classes begin, you’ll meet our 200+ student organizations. You’ll make connections fast with groups where you’ll soon become an integral member. 
  • You’ll take a class (ORBH 250 – Leading People) where you’ll gain self-awareness about your own learning styles and values as well as how to motivate others, make tough decisions and build your network.
  • You’ll be a part of a consulting team in Weatherhead’s Action Learning class, where you’ll work with and lead a team of your classmates to deliver sound business strategies to a real client.
  • You can enhance your skills even more with a leadership minor to complement your business degree and show future employers you’re ready to take on a major role right after graduation.  

Trust me. Soon interviewers will be asking you about your leadership skills. And after your time at Weatherhead, you’ll have a lot to say.