Science Café Cleveland presents


"An Innerbelt: Traversing the Rustbelt"


MAY 11, 2009




Dr. Arthur Huckelbridge

 (Civil Engineering, CWRU)




Jeff Broadwater

(Michael Baker Jr., Inc.)




The innerbelt bridge, one of the most heavily traveled bridges in Ohio, is a critical transportation infrastructure link. The city of Cleveland depends on it to bring goods and people in and out of the downtown area. It has had a checkered history, and currently has an uncertain future. It is in bad shape, but like some of the nation’s landmark financial institutions, this structure is simply “too big” to take out of service. 


How can service be maintained while renovations are being made? What are the steps being taken to have it “fully” restored? And what might the future hold for this critical Cleveland transportation link? Similar questions about our nation's aging infrastructure can no longer be postponed if the U.S. is to maintain its global economic competitiveness.


Come learn about the engineering behind structures like the innerbelt bridge, and share your thoughts on ways to deal with the infrastructure issue!




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Date: May 11, 2009
Time: Drinks start at 6:30 PM, discussion starts around 7:00 PM
Location: Tasting Room, Great Lakes Brewing Company (2701 Carroll Ave, Cleveland)


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