Science Café Cleveland presents


"The most amazing animal park you have never seen: A trip to prehistoric South America"


AUGUST 8, 2011




Darin Croft, PhD

(Associate Professor, Department of Anatomy)



Imagine a tropical savanna with a mixture of trees, shrubs and grasses, not unlike what you might see in parts of East Africa. Now scan the horizon for signs of life. A small group of hoofed plant-eaters is gathered near the edge of the forest. They look like horses, with a single, large hoof on each foot, but they are miniature, standing a mere three feet tall at the shoulder. An animal that appears to be a giant tortoise lazily munches grasses nearby. Its shell is unmistakable, but it has small ears, large, fleshy lips and an armored tail, features you have never seen before in a tortoise. Suddenly, a rabbit-like animal dashes from some nearby shrubs, flushed out of its cover by something that looks like a cross between a raccoon and a hyena. The meat-eater retreats to cover after its unsuccessful attempt, and as it turns you see what looks like a small baby clinging to its belly, partially enclosed by a small pouch.


If you could travel to Argentina 16 million years ago, this is what you might have seen. Unfortunately, this and other fantastic animal parks of the past now exist only in the minds of paleontologists and others interested in ancient life. At this month’s Science Café Cleveland, we will visit some of these ancient game parks, focusing on the strange mammals that once roamed South America. Our guide will be Dr. Darin Croft, a paleontologist and mammal specialist from Case Western Reserve University. We will discuss the extreme variety of living mammals, finding and collecting the fossilized bones of extinct mammals, and using information from living mammals to understand the lifestyles of extinct ones.







This Science Cafe will be the first cafe

held at our new venue




We are very excited about the new venue and hope to see everyone there to welcome the Market Garden Brewery as a new sponsor and event space of Science Cafe Cleveland. The Market Garden Brewery is just around the corner and across West 25th street from the GLB Tasting Room. It's right next to the West Side Market and we may park in the market lot. The Market Garden Brewery offers dining options before, during and after the event. Not to mention beer!



WHERE: The Market Garden Brewery

(Located at 1947 West 25th Street next to the West Side Market, Cleveland, Ohio)


WHEN: August 8, 2011

Drinks at 6:30 pm, discussion starts around 7:00 pm


WHO: Sponsored by Case Western Reserve University chapter of Sigma Xi, WCPN

ideastream, and the Market Garden Brewery


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