Science Café Cleveland presents


Water on the Moon


NOVEMBER 10, 2014


FEATURING: James A. Van Orman

Professor, Department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences, CWRU





The Moon is not only our nearest neighbor in the solar system but is similar enough to Earth in many aspects of its chemical composition to be a virtual twin. One striking difference, however, is the near total lack of water on the Moon. The Apollo missions of the early 1970s looked very hard for indigenous hydrous components in materials gathered from the lunar surface and found none. Forty years later, evidence began to emerge that the Moon is not quite as dry as it appears. We’ll discuss hydrogen found in lunar volcanic glass beads by a small research team including the speaker; ice frozen in craters at the Moon’s south pole; where the water came from and what it may mean for the Moon’s origin and evolution. 




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The Tasting Room at Great Lakes Brewing Company

2701 Carroll Avenue

Cleveland, Ohio 44113



November 10, 2014

Doors open 5:30 - 9:30 PM (Limited menu available for purchase before and during the event. Not to mention beer! Last call is at 8:45 PM). Discussion starts around 7:00 p.m.


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