Science Café Cleveland presents



Tiny Brains at High Speed:

The Neuroscience of Fly Flight


APRIL 9, 2018




Jessica Fox, PhD

Department of Biology, Case Western Reserve University




Animal brains take in information from the environment, process it, and use it to make decisions in very short amounts of time. Many animals use vision as a main source of information, but information coming from the eyes is only useful if the animal knows where it is in space and how it is moving. Humans use the inner ear vestibular system to determine head and body movements. Flies, which move much faster than humans and fly in three dimensions, don't have a vestibular system. Instead, they use their hindwings to sense their body's rotation, and then use this information to decide how to steer their wings as they flap them 200 times per second. 

In Jessica's lab, Fox Lab@CWRU, they study how flies use their sensory systems to fly. They carefully record the flies' behavior while providing different sensory input, and they also record the activity of neurons in their brains. Our work shows us how small groups of nerve cells can act together to generate flight, and provides ideas on new ways to pilot drones. 


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April 9, 2018

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