Science Café Cleveland presents:



Beyond the Smoke: The Changing Landscape of Tobacco Products


October 14, 2019



Monica Webb Hooper, PhD

Professor and Director of the Office of Cancer Disparities Research,
Case Comprehensive Cancer Center



Tobacco use remains the number one public health problem in the United States. The prevalence of cigarette smoking in Cleveland is much higher than the national average. Smoking is thus an important addiction to address, and population health approaches to reduce smoking are needed.

However, times have and are changing in tobacco use. The tobacco product landscape has grown dramatically in the past decade, and we can no longer focus solely on cigarettes. The marketplace for nicotine delivery now includes a range of products, including cigarillos, dissolvables, electronic cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, and waterpipes. The pattern of tobacco use among both youth and adults has also changed, and the use of multiple tobacco products is increasingly common. The tobacco industry has managed, consistently, to stay ahead of the FDA, public health leaders, substance prevention initiatives, tobacco control researchers, medical providers, and potential consumers, maintaining nicotine addiction across generations of people. This, despite knowledge of the industry’s longstanding history of targeted marketing, deception, and lies.

Tobacco use has claimed the lives of far too many, and there are major concerns about the potential impact of newly available products as well as those that are on the horizon. Join us for this month as we engage in a reflective discussion with Professor Monica Webb Hooper about what it will take to gain control of tobacco use in Cleveland and beyond!


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October 14, 2019

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