Day of Giving History

CWRU Day of Giving History

All [in], Case Western Reserve University's annual Day of Giving, has developed into a springtime tradition among students, faculty and staff, and alumni alike. Since the first Day of Giving in June of 2013, there has been tremendous engagement through social media and contributions to the university.

The Day of Giving is more than just a fundraising effort, though. University friends and alumni engage with the university via social media, sharing photos of their time on campus and what they're doing now, while also being able to see some of the amazing things our faculty and students are doing on campus.

Day of Giving Through the Years

Year Donors Dollars
2013 795 $195,745
2014 869 $264,203
2015 797 $289,006
2016 1,112 $269,463
2017 1,824 $460,480
2018 2,609


2019 2,739 $1,741,026
2020 2,467 $1,180,499