Spartans Lead - Recurring Giving

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Monthly Gift Yearly Total
$5 $60
$10 $120
$15 $180
$20 $240
$25 $300



Why you should become a Spartans Leader

Spartans Lead allows you to make a monthly gift to help sustain areas and programs on campus in a paperless and convenient way.

How to become a Spartans Leader

  1. Visit our secure giving page
  2. Indicate your giving amount
  3. Check the "Spartans Lead" box
  4. Set the frequency of your gift
  5. Select a designation
  6. Complete your contact information
  7. Proceed to checkout


  • It is a completely paperless way to give to CWRU on a monthly basis
  • Your gift will conveniently renew automatically every month
  • Monthly giving helps make a giving impact on programs and groups on campus throughout the year


If you have questions about Spartans Lead or need to alter your gift, please contact us at 216.368.5288

*Please note that the gift amount your choose at the top of the giving form is the amount your card will be charged on either the 1st or the 15th of the month.

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