President of Case Western Reserve University Eric W. Kaler poses for a headshot.

To the Case Western Reserve community:

The spirit and pace that I experienced at this university during my initial year as president is captured perfectly in the title of this year’s annual report: Fast Forward

On my very first day in July 2021, I felt an urgency from faculty, staff and students. A new normal was emerging, and our campus community was energized to move ahead in innovative ways. They were ready to define the next chapter of our university.

And that’s precisely what we’ve been doing ever since. 

Guided by our three priorities—to elevate academic excellence, expand research and enhance community engagement—we are, indeed, moving both fast and forward. 

The following pages share our exciting progress. 

You’ll learn how our research enterprise is advancing toward our goal to grow annual expenditures from $400 million to $600 million. Key to this effort will be increasing our funded research, student and faculty startups, and translational successes. 

You’ll also read about our commitment to further diversify our faculty, staff and students through targeted initiatives. Our campus community works every day to cultivate a culture of inclusion and belonging.

And finally, you’ll see that we are engaging with our Cleveland neighbors in ways that matter to them. We are building relationships with local communities, and we are aligning our research to improve the lives of those who live within them. 

I’m proud for all that we’ve accomplished—and I’m confident that, together, we’ll continue to do even more. 

Eric W. Kaler