Workshops: CeSSRA has sponsored workshops on social science methods and research from international scholars, open to fellows and the wider university community

January 2009 Dr. Patricia Marshall, Case Western Reserve University: “Ethical Challenges in Study Design and Informed Consent for Health Research in Resource-poor Settings” 

June 2009 Drs. William Dressler and Kathryn Oths, University of Alabama: “Social Science Research Methods” 

January 2010 Drs. Korbin and Greksa of Case Western Reserve University: “Ethnographic Research Methods”  

Public Lecture Series: CeSSRA sponsors an ongoing series of monthly lectures in Kampala featuring prominent local and international scholars. These lectures are open to the public.

April 2010: Dr. Andrew State, Makerere University: "Poultry and People's Livelihoods in Uganda"

August 2008: Dr. Ajay Sethi, University of Wisconsin: “Understanding the Links between Alcohol and HIV”

January 2009: Dr. Patricia Marshall, Case Western Reserve University “Ethical Challenges in International Research”

February 2009: Dr. Janet Seeley, Medical Research Council:  “Fisher folk and HIV: Looking beyond the Stereotype”

March 2009: Mr. Joseph Matovu, Makerere University School of Public Health: “The changing face of Uganda’s HIV/AIDS epidemic: A case of behavioural Complacency”

March 2009: Dr. Robert Pool, Barcelona Centre for International Health Research: “Integrating Anthropology into Clinical Trials Research: lessons from the microbicide development program”

April 2009: Dr. Achilles Katamba, Makerere University Department of Medicine: “HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis Association”

May 2009: Dr. Noah Kiwanuka, Makerere University School of Public Health, Rakai Health Sciences Program: “HIV/AIDS Epidemic: An Update”

October 2009: Dr. Rhoda Wanyenze, Makerere University School of Public Health- CDC HIV Fellowship Program: “Universal Access to HIV Care and Prevention: The Role of Expanded Access to HIV Counseling and Testing”

November 2009: Dr. Stella Alamo-Talisuna, Reach Out Mbuya: “The Benefits of Holistic Management of HIV: The Reach Out Mbuya Experience”

January 2010: Dr. Jill Korbin, Case Western Reserve University: “Child Well Being in Global Perspective”

February 2010: Dr. Peter Atekyereza, Makerere University: “HIV and AIDS in Uganda: Time to Respond to the Context beyond the Disease”

IRB Videoconference: On 21 February 2008, CeSSRA held a videoconference between approximately 35 researchers and members of institutional review boards (IRBs) in Cleveland and Kampala. The two hour transcontinental conversation covered issues of reciprocity/ cross IRB relations, local context review, social science research review, informed consent, and broader cross cultural considerations in research ethics.

Transcript available here 

 Fellows meetings: CeSSRA Fellows meet monthly in Kampala to present and discuss their research. These meetings feature a presentation by one or two fellows on their current work or ideas and are facilitated by Dr. David Kaawa-Mafigiri. See fellows’ profiles for more information.

 CeSSRA Resource Centre: The Kampala CeSSRA office houses resources for social science researchers. Information on funding sources, research design, as well as theses and project reports are available. For information contact

 Conferences and Meetings: The CeSSRA team has presented work and engaged in ongoing workshops both nationally and internationally, including those held by the International AIDS Society, the American Anthropological Association, the Society for Medical Anthropology and the Ugandan Society for Health Scientists.


IRB Videoconference, Kampala, 2/21/08




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