(0 credit) - SEC 100-THE(8332)-Anderson-Fye, SEC 101-THE(8333)-Beall, SEC 102-THE(8334)-Gaines, SEC 103-THE(8335)-Goldstein, SEC 104-THE(8336)-Greksa, SEC 105-THE(8337)-Ikels, SEC 106-THE(8338)-Korbin, SEC 107-THE(8339)-McGrath.
Students conducting dissertation fieldwork off-campus may choose to register for this course with the permission of their dissertation advisor. Students may register for a maximum of one academic year. Under extraordinary circumstances (e.g. civil war) students may petition for additional time.
Prerequisites: Must be Ph.D. candidate with an approved dissertation prospectus and have consent of supervising faculty member.

ANTH 701. Dissertation (Ph.D.)
Staff - TBA -
(1-18 credits) - SEC 100-THE(1224)-Anderson-Fye, SEC 101-THE(1216)-Beall, SEC 102-THE(1218)-Gaines, SEC 103-THE(1220)-Goldstein, SEC 104-THE(1222)-Greksa, SEC 105-THE(1224)-Ikels, SEC 106-THE(8429)-Korbin, SEC 107-THE(8430)-McGrath.
Prerequisite: Must be Ph.D. candidate and have consent of supervising faculty member.






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