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We are proud to announce the unparalleled success of the students in our graduate program in Medical Anthropology and Global Health in obtaining highly competitive national grant awards to support their doctoral dissertation research. Eight current students have received a National Science Foundation Dissertation Research Improvement Grant and two students have received an award from the Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Program.



NSF Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grants


Less than 20% of applicants to this highly competitive program are rated as ‘must fund’, making the success of the students (past and present) listed below particularly noteworthy. For more information on NSF Dissertation Research Improvement Grants, see:


Allison Schlosser

“Biopolitical Citizenship, Subjectivity and Addiction Treatment in Post-Welfare United States”



Nadia El-Sharaawi

“Living in Liminality: Experiences of Displacement and Mental Health Among Iraqi Refugees in Cairo, Egypt”



Alex Bridges

“Cognition and Religion: Religiosity in Tibetan Buddhist Monasticism as a Test Case”



Joseph Galanek

“Individuals with Mental Illness in Prison: Social and Cultural Factors Related to Institutional Adjustment”



Meghan Halley

“Unyago and Jando: The Role of Adolescent Initiation Rituals in Shaping Youth Sexuality in Rural Tanzania”



Kate Masley

"Living the "Latina Paradox""



Stephanie McClure

“Body Culture, African-American Girls, and Physical Activity Engagement”



Elizabeth Olson

“Assessment of traditional ethnomedical knowledge in a transitioning community in Mexico”



Sarah Rubin

"Motherhood and Emotional Distress in a South African Township: An Ethnographic Investigation of Postnatal Depression in Sociocultural Context"



Sarah Rundall

“The Experience of Disability in a Himalayan Community”



Meg Winchester

“Policy, Service, and Experience: The Intersection of Intimate Partner Violence and HIV Infection in Uganda”




Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad award


Only about 130 of these highly competitive grants are awarded annually. For more information on this award, see:


Brad Casucci

“Trachoma Intervention and the Maasai of Losho, Kenya: An Interaction of Health Cosmologies”


Sarah Rubin

"Motherhood and Emotional Distress in a South African Township"