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Please note - IGS (and MS/BS) are very specialized programs that have very specific requirements. Please contact the department FIRST before applying. Email: Katie Bingman


The Integrated Graduate Studies (IGS) Program is intended for highly-motivated candidates for the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree whose objective is a degree at the master's or doctoral level. By closely integrating undergraduate and graduate studies, qualified students begin a program of graduate study in their senior year, leading to the simulanteous completion of requirements for both the bachelor's and master's degrees.

A student desiring this opportunity will normally apply for admission to PHASE I of the program in the sophomore year.

PHASE I: Admission to the program is chiefly determined by an estimate of a student's talents, motivation, and potential for graduate study and independent work. Students may apply for admission to Phase I of the IGS Program through the Biology Department during the second semester of the sophomore year. Contingent upon their completion of 54 semester hours of study, students are admitted to Phase I at the beginning of the junior year on recommendation of the department. During the junior year, IGS students will take between four and six courses in Biology, as advised by their Biology major advisor, to prepare them for the work of Phase II. Bachelor of Arts biology majors must complete one semester of BIOL 388 by the end of the junior year. Bachelor of Science biology majors are required to complete BIOL 388, 390 and 395 by the end of the junior year.

Students seeking admission to Phase I will be informed by the Biology Department if their admission requirements differ from those specified here.

PHASE II: Admission to graduate study is faciliated by, but not dependent upon, participation in Phase I. Students should apply for admission to the School of Graduate Studies during the spring semester of the junior year. Admission to the Master of Science program in Biology is contingent upon completion of all requirements including the Graduate Record Exam (Students with a CWRU GPA of 3.5 or higher are exempt from the GRE). Transfer students are subject to the College's resident regulations and must have completed at least 60 semester hours, including the last 30 in residence.

Admission to the graduate school will be approved if the student has met the above critieria, has completed all requirements for the bachelor's degree except total number of hours, has completed three-fourths of the hours required for the major and the minor, and has met all of the Arts and Science General Education Requirements. In addition, the student must be recommended by the Department of Biology.

Integrated graduate students and other dual degree students must indicate the courses being double counted towards both degrees on their Planned Program of Study. Integrated graduate students may count up to 9 credit hours toward both degrees. For further information, contact the School of Graduate Studies.