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Radhika Atit

Molecular biology, developmental biology, embryology

Michael Benard

Ecology and Evolunationary Biology

Jim Bader

Aquatic biology and ecology

Morris Burke (Emeritus)

Muscle physiology, protein chemistry

David Burke

Rhizosphere ecology, plant-microbe interactions, molecular microbial ecology, and plant ecology

Arnold I. Caplan

Cell and developmental biology

David A. Carrino

Extracellular matrix molecules, specifically proteoglycans

Hillel J. Chiel

Neurobiology, Animal Behavior, and Biophysics

Darin Croft

Vertebrate paleontology, mammal evolution, paleoecology, phylogenetics

Christopher A. Cullis

Plant molecular biology

Pam Dennis*

Relationship between animal management, disease and the environment. Epi-Zoo Program

Nancy DiIulio

Basic mechanisms of immune responses and the impact of those responses on the function of the heart

Paul B. Drewa

Plant population biology, community ecology; effects of fire and other disturbances on vegetation

Richard Drushel*†

Kinematics, anatomy, and 3-D computer modelling of feeding behaviors in Aplysia californica; autonomous robotics; embedded microcontroller systems

Stephen E. Haynesworth

Developmental and aging biology

Valerie Haywood

Intercellular communication mechanisms in plants

Joe B. Keiper

Insect biology and ecology, particularly larval feeding habits of Diptera and Trichoptera; aquatic invertebrate community ecology; forensic entomology

Joseph F. Koonce

Aquatic systems ecology

Barbara Kuemerle

Molecular biology, genetics, developmental neuroscience

Ana Locci*†

Ecosystem Modeling

Kristen E. Lukas*

Effects of designed environments on gorilla and chimpanzee behavior

Nga Nguyen

Behavioral Endocrinology, Animal Behavior, Behavioral Ecology

Ronald G. Oldfield

Evolutionary ecology; behavior, ecology, and evolution of fishes

Roy E. Ritzmann

Neurobiology and behavior

Charles Rozek

Developmental and molecular genetics

Norman Rushforth (Emeritus)
Kurt A. Smemo

Biogeochemistry, ecosystem ecology, microbial ecology, global environmental change

Robin Snyder

Theoretical ecology

Peter Thomas*

Mathematical biology (pattern formation, synchronization phenomena, applied bifurcation theory), computational neuroscience (reliability and precision of spike time patterns, cortical map formation, neural information processing), and computational cell biology (signal transduction, gradient sensing, cellular information processing)

Mary A. Topa

Plant ecophysiology, soil-plant interactions, carbon/nutrient acquisition and allocation strategies in plants, stress physiology

Jean Welter
Mark Willis

Entomology; animal behavior and its neural basis, especially navigation, orientation and flight behavior

Debra Wood

Neural basis of animal behavior, cellular and synaptic properties of small neural networks

James Zull

Human learning, applications of brain science in education

* Adjunct faculty
Not accepting graduate students

Faculty Associated with the Skeletal Research Center

Arnold I. Caplan

Cell and developmental biology

David A. Carrino

Extracellular matrix molecules, specifically proteoglycans

James E. Dennis

Regulation of multi-potential progenitor cell differentiation

Jizong Gao

Tissue engineered fabrication of osteochondral grafts by in vitro and in vivo approaches

Stephen E. Haynesworth

Developmental and aging biology

Donald P. Lennon

Development of chemically defined media for Stage 24 chick limb bud mesenchymal stems & rMSCs

Luis Solchaga

Tissue engineering and cell-based therapies for the regeneration of skeletal tissues

J. Michael Sorrell

* Adjunct faculty
Not accepting graduate students