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Research Collaborations at Case Western Reserve University

My research involves extensive collaborations, particularly with faculty in the School of Medicine. These collaborations generally fall into two categories: (1) protein misfolding human diseases (Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Prion) and (2) NMR-related structural biology, in which the latter includes being an active member of the Cleveland Center for Structural Biology (CCSB). The CCSB is a facility operated jointly by CWRU and the Cleveland Clinic. It is located close to campus and is equipped with several high field NMR and X-ray crystallographic instruments as well as researchers who are involved primarily with protein structure determination. Below is a list of my past and present collaborators on campus:

Alzheimer's Disease
Robert Friedland Dept. of Neurology 1992 - present Studying the effects of nicotine on the structure of the Aβ peptide, funded by a grant from Philip Morris (1993-2002).
Witold Surewicz Dept. of Pathology 1995 - present Amyloid precursor and the prion proteins. Several of my graduate students work part time in his laboratory and we had a NIH-R01 grant.
Mark Smith Dept. of Pathology 1995 - 1998 Effects of nicotine analogs on the aggregation of the Aβ protein. We had a joint grant from the Smokeless Tobacco Agency.
Steven Younkin Dept. of Pathology 1992 - 1995 We worked together on several projects related to the Aβ peptide. He was a Co-PI on several of my NIH R01 grants and he is now located at the Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, Florida.
Shu Guang Chen Dept. of Pathology 2000 - present We are collaborating on a project dealing with the function and the structure of human doppel protein. A joint NIH grant is pending.
Vernon Anderson Dept. of Biochemistry 1999 - present Joint collaboration with the α-synuclein protein. Currently funded by the Alzheimer's Assoc. and another pending NIH grant.
Craig Atwood Dept. of Pathology 2000 Joint collaboration of the effects of metals and cholesterol on the structure of the amyloid Aβ.
Man-Sun Sy Dept. of Pathology 2003 - present Working on the development of Aβ peptide antibodies to identify Met 35 oxidation

Structural Biology
James Zull Dept. of Biology 1992 - 1993 Structure of parathyroid hormone. One of my graduate students worked in his lab and we submitted an NIH R01 grant together.
Darhl Foreman Dept. of Biology 1993 - 1997 NMR analysis of anhydrolevuglandins in uterine extracts. We submitted an NIH R01 grant in 1994.
John Mieyal Dept. of Pharmacology 1993 - 1995 I acted as a collaborator on several of his NIH and NSF grants, plus assisted his graduate students with NMR.
Chuck Sanders Dept. of Physiology & Biophysics 1992 - 2001 For three years, we jointly submitted NIH and NSF grants for obtaining the 600 MHz NMR in the School of Medicine.
Mary Barkley Dept. of Chemistry 1996 - 1999 NMR Studies of somatostatin analogs. A graduate student from Mary's group, Paul Adams, worked part-time under my supervision. I was Co-PI on her NIH R01 grant submitted on 7/1/97.
Philip Garner Dept. of Chemistry 1995 - 1996 Synthesis, DNA Binding affinities, and structures of PNA analogs. He provided PNA samples NMR structure determination in water solution.
Donald Jacobsen Cleveland Clinic 2000 - present NMR studies of homocysteine-modified TTR. I am a collaborator with his NIH grant.
Woodrow Guo Dept. of Chemistry 2000 - 2004 NMR studies of glycopeptides and I will provide assistance with NMR work and have served as a Co-PI on several grants
Roger Marchant Dept. of Biomedical Engin. 2000 - present The structure of the ABri and Aβ amyloid proteins using AFM.

Research Collaborations at Other Institutions

Except for the collaboration at the University of Akron, all of these involve projects related to Alzheimer's disease. Below is a list of the individuals and projects:

Dale Ray University of Akron 1992 - 1998 A novel 19F to 15N NOE. He did the majority of the preliminary NMR experiments, plus assisted my students with NMR training. I submitted a grant on this topic to the Exploratory Research Program of Proctor & Gamble and the Ohio Board of Regents .
Donald Weaver Queens University 1993 - 1995 Structure of the Aβ channel. He was performing modeling and was a Co-PI on two of my NIH R01 grants.
Valerie Daggett University of Washington 1994 - 1996 I acted as a consultant for several of her grants, in which we would provide NMR data for the Aβ modeling done in her lab.
Ashley Bush Harvard University 1994 - 1998 Projects examining the effects of zinc on the structure an aggregational properties of the Aβ peptide.
Michael Vitek Duke University 1994 - 1996 He had attempted to provide us with the Aβ protein from a bacterial expression system.
Dmitry Goldgaber SUNY Stony Brook 1993 - 1994 Studying Effects of transthyretin on the structure of amyloid β-peptide. This collaboration resulted in a publication in Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA.
Tsunao Saitoh UCSD 1994 - 1996 Research on the NACP protein, unfortunately he is now deceased and this collaboration has ended. I submitted a manuscript on this project to Biochemistry.
Mark Kindy University of Kentucky 1994 - 1997 Structure of serum amyloid-A (SAA) protein. We have obtained some NMR for SAA and submitted submitted an NIH grant together. Several years ago, we applied for NIH supplement to support this project.
Michael Pappolla University of Southern Alabama 1997 - 2001 Effects of melatonin on the Southern Alabama structure of the Aβ. We published two papers together and plan to apply for a joint NIH grant.
Alan Pryzbala University of Georgia 1997 - 1998 We are collaborating on NMR studies of the Aβ, where he is providing expressed NMR labeled protein.
Jianjun Wang Southern Illinois 1999 - 2000 The major goal of this project was to determine the structure of the ApoE-Aβ peptide complex.
Stephen Meredith University of Chicago 2001 - present Study the binding of peptide inhibitors to the Aβ peptide
Jorge Ghiso New York University 1999 - 2003 Discern the mechanism of amyloid formation of the ABri peptide associated with Familial British Dementia. I recently published a manuscript describing this work.
Virginia Lee University of Pennsylvania 2003 - present Determine the NMR structure of the tau protein (found in neurofibrillary tangles in Alzheimer's disease) and investigate the binding between Tau and α-synuclein.