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Welcome to the Zagorski Lab


January 2007

John Tedesco presented a poster entitled, “NMR Reveals Unique Binding Motifs of the Aâ Peptides and the Anti-Potato Virus Y Antibody” at the Frontiers of NMR in Molecular Biology meeting in Snowbird, Utah.

July 2006

Ishan Roy was invited to participate as a Young Scientist at the "Meeting of the Nobel Laureates" in Lindau, Germany.

June 2006

Ishan Roy was a guest speaker at the Siemens Competition in Math, Science, and Technology.

August 2005

Lei Li presented a poster entitled, “Methionine-35 Oxidation State and Aâ Peptide Aggregation” at 230th ACS National Meeting, Washington, DC.

June 2000
Zagorski's lab investigates proteins behind dementia

CLEVELAND -- The seven graduate students in Michael Zagorski's chemistry lab conduct cutting-edge investigations into the proteins associated with the dementia from such devastating illnesses as Alzheimer's, Prion or "Mad Cow," and Parkinson Diseases, as well as the familial British dementia and Lewy-body associated dementia. Read more >>