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Other Courses Required for the a BS Degree

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  Course Work Area Credits
MATH 121 Calculus for Science and Engineering I 4
MATH 122
    or MATH 124
Calculus for Science and Engineering II
    or Calculus II
MATH 223
    or MATH 227
Calculus for Science and Engineering III
    or Calculus III
MATH 224
    or MATH 228
    or STAT 312
Elementary Differential Equations
    or Differential Equations
    or Basic Statistics for Engineering and Science
PHYS 121
    or PHYS 123
General Physics I. Mechanics
    or Physics and Frontiers I. Mechanics
PHYS 122
    or PHYS 124
General Physics II. Electricity and Magnetism
    or Physics and Frontiers II. Electricity and Magnetism
PHYS 221 General Physics III. Modern 3
(technical electives) 6
    Total 31