Material Conditions: Adjuncting & Wellness

April 27, 2023 - 4:00 PM

Virtual Event

According to the 2022 Contingent Faculty Survey conducted by the American Federation of Teachers, “75% of faculty [nationally] are not eligible for tenure and 47% hold part-time positions.” Fewer than 50% of the respondents reported having employer-provided health insurance, most make well under 4K per class, and only 20% report being able to comfortably cover basic monthly expenses. When we discuss “wellness” in academic and community contexts, who is included in that conversation? What is wellness if not healthcare, livable wages, predictable schedules, and on-the-job resources—none of which are available to most contingent faculty? This hour will be dedicated to a conversation about adjunct issues and futures. We will discuss the current conditions of adjuncting in northeast Ohio; national movements toward unionization, higher wages, and workers’ rights; and ways our specific academic communities might contribute to the wellbeing of this ever-growing faculty population via amplification, resource sharing, activism, and job creation.  

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This event is sponsored by the Cleveland State University Poetry Center.