We Want Everything

April 1–June 10, 2022
Cleveland Institute of Art
Reinberger Gallery
Friday, April 1, 5–8pm  
Gallery Hours 

We Want Everything explores printmaking as a communal cultural practice that values copying and repurposing more than individual authorship. Organized in collaboration with artist, designer and archivist Josh MacPhee and the Cleveland Institute of Art Printmaking Department, this exhibition will transform Reinberger Gallery into an active maker space that mines the history of print and its connection to political activism, posters, radical music and book publishing design. We Want Everything will encourage visitors to engage in the process, mixing and matching imagery and ideas throughout the history of art and organizing for a better world.

Colorful image of gallery wall of posters with table covered in materials in front of it
Josh MacPhee's ¡Graphic Liberation! exhibition at Colgate University hints at how We Want Everything will take shape. Photo courtesy of Mark Williams/Colgate University.