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Selected Articles by Merlin Donald

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  • Précis of Origins of the Modern Mind with multiple review and author's response. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 16: 737-791, 1993.  Part A pdf format       Part B pdf format
  • Précis of Origins of the Modern Mind (3) Continuing Commentary,   Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 19: 155-164, 1996.     [pdf format]
  • The neurobiology of human consciousness: an evolutionary approach. Neuropsychologia, 33:1087-1102, 1995.  [pdf format]
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  • Material Culture and Cognition: Concluding Thoughts. In C. Renfrew & C. Scarre (Eds) Cognition and Material Culture: the Archaeology of Symbolic Storage.  [pdf format]
  • Memory Palaces: The Revolutionary Function of Libraries. Queen's Quarterly 108/4 (Winter 2001) pp. 559-572. [pdf format]
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  • The Primacy of Motor Evolution and The Mimetic Origins of Language. ( translated in Japanese). In Kaguku (Science), A. Iriki, ed, Special Issue on the Origins of Language, 74:7, 878-881, July 2004. [pdf format]
  • Is a Picture Really Worth a 1,000 Words? Review essay of David S. Staley, Computers, Visualization and History: How New Technology Will Transform Our Understanding of the Past. History and Theory: Studies in the Philosophy of History, 43:3, 379-385, 2004.[pdf format]
  • The Widening Gyre: Religion, Culture and Evolution. Science & Spirit, 10:2, 22-30, July/August 1999. [pdf format]
  • Il tessuto dei sensi: Ordito della cultura, la trama della mente. (translated into Italian). In Le tattiche dei sensi, Antomarini A., Biscuso M., and Traversa, A., eds, I libri di Montag, 85-93, 2001.[pdf format]