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Mark Turner
Institute Professor and
Professor of Cognitive Science
607 Crawford Hall

Founding Director,
the Cognitive Science Network


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Videoclip from my SAGES course

I study the nature and emergence of higher-order cognitive operations that distinguish human beings from other species and appear in the record of our descent during the Upper Paleolithic.

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Current projects

  • Decision-Making (research in conjunction with Professor Mat McCubbins, USC)
  • Cognitive Social Science, especially economics and political science
  • The Cognitive Science of Writing
  • Grammatical Constructions as Compressions
  • Conceptual Blending and Negotiation (in conjunction with DARPA and Aptima)
  • Conceptual Blending and Robotics (in conjunction with the Army Research Laboratory)
  • The Cognitive Science of Time and Space (supported by the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters)