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An Introduction,

or, Wait...Am I in the right place?

Some of you might have surfed to this site by mistake, expecting, maybe, to find the latest issue of an electronic Monkees tribute fanzine. Still others of you might have been intrigued by the appearance of such an unknown and unassuming name among the illustrious ranks of high modernists such as Ezra Pound and William Carlos Williams. So you must be thinking by now--who's this David Jones?

David Jones was a Welshman during a time when the English/Irish question consumed the British Isles. He was a Catholic convert at a time when the dominant Protestant culture started to doubt God's existence. He was a guildsman within a booming industrial society, but a soldier among guildsmen. Yet, in his attempts to find a suitable artistic form for a world he saw crumbling about him, he was as modernist as Joyce, Pound, or Cezanne.