Research Links:

The Isle of Lesbos

This site provides a biography of Lowell as well as a selection of her poetry. It also places her with other lesbian poets from Sappho to the present.

The Project Gutenberg Site

Includes the complete "e-text" of A Dome of Many-Coloured Glass, a collection of Lowell's poetry. Also available on line is the complete "e-text" of Men, Women and Ghosts.

"Japanese Arts and the Formation of American Imagism - in Amy Lowell's Case"

Provides the transcription of a lecture adapted from "The Asiatic Society of Japan Bulletin No. 8", October 1994. The lecture explores the influence of Japanese culture and imagery in Lowell's poetry.

Imagism Defined

A University of Pennsylvania site provides a thorough definition of Imagism including its tenets, founders and contributors.

Houghton Mifflin Company History Page

Lowell figures into the history of the renowned publishing house in a small way and was thus namechecked on this site.

In the Brothel of Modernism: Picasso and Joyce

An eloquent extended meditation on Modernism by Robert Scholes can be found here. Scholes inlcudes Lowell among the imagist poets, most probably because of her infamous rows with Ezra Pound.

High Modernism

Trinity College posts this site which includes biographical information on Amy Lowell.

The Gender of Modernism.

A page from the United Kingdom details the gender issues involved in Modernism. Highlights include articles such as "Cocksure Woman and Hensure Men" as well as letters from H.D. to Amy Lowell and bits and pieces of other noteables such as Pound, Moore and Barnes.

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