Masks and Persona in Modernist Art

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Eiichi Hishikawa's page on Ezra Pound has an extensive store of information on the poet's work, including a chronological chart of biographical information, a bibliography of 65 items, and listings of discographies, filmographies, library collections, Pound pages, and the Pound journal Paideuma.

"What the Thunder Said" is a website on T.S. Eliot that includes a timeline, links to his work, and links to other online resources related to the author.

This web site gives a basic overview of Noh theater: the role and purpose of the actors, costumes, masks, movement, plays, and stage. Along with the informative text, there are also many visuals of the various masks and costumes used in Noh theater.

This site is an exhibition of various african masks and headdresses. There is an explanation of the origin of each repective visual as well as a description of the ceremonial uses of each particular mask within the culture that it represents. One can also link from the page to a bibliography of sources on the masks themselves.

This site will take you to an on-line gallery of Picasso's work. The site is divided into sub-galleries where one can browse through Picasso's work under the headings of The Family, The Children, Self-portraits, The Women, The Friends, and The Others.

This site is an introduction to Lon Chaney's many films. An extensive summary and review of the 1924 movie "He Who Gets Slapped" can also be accessed through this site.


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