The following are links of interest to Fourth Dimensional thought on the Web, concentrating specifically on scientific, theoretical, and historical views of the Fourth Dimension.

Hypercube's Home Page
By far the most exhaustive and reader-friendly of the Fourth Dimension sites, Hypercube's Home Page offers visitors a chance to link with the primary texts of 4-D thought (Edward Abbott's Flatland ), a well-written "What Is the Fourth Dimension FAQ", and a theory roundtable for hardcore Dimension enthusiasts. Also, the site's 4-D Cafe Chat allows users to share and be part of the ongoing theoretical, mathematical, and philosophical debate of the Fourth Dimension.

Fourth Dimension Writings, C. H. Hinton, 1884-1907
No foray into the Fourth Dimension can be complete without a study of its earliest vocalizer, the mathematician Charles Hinton. This site offers a brief biography of the eccentric academic (including a mention of his legendarily sexist death), but is more important because of its deep online selection of Hinton's writings concerning the Fourth Dimension.

Dynamic Space: Virtual Reality and the Fourth Dimension
A sparse but highly technical site, Dynamic Space serves as a forum for discussion of not only the Fourth Dimension as a model, but its place in an Internet reality. The site poses the question of time being the Fourth Dimension and offers some linked articles in support. What is most interesting about this site is its positioning of the Fourth Dimension as a virtual reality -- a late-20th century classification which could be used in further (and past) descriptions of it as space as opposed to merely geometry.

The Fourth Dimension
Of all the mathematically-based sites, The Fourth Dimension is the most useful because of its links to other highly scientific 4-D based websites. Platonic solids, hypercubes, and tesseracts are among the theoretical models both explained and discussed on this advanced site. Highly interesting, but not for the mathematically faint-of-heart.

4-D Home Page
The 4-D home page offers its users two choices of direction: "unfashionable" 4-D topics such as Atlantis or the more useful choice of the place of 4-D in American architecture. Claiming to contain over a thousand images of progressive American architecture, the site is highly resourceful but lacks any true 4-D commentary on the architects themselves. (Does however contain a single home by avowed Fourth
Dimensionalist Claude Bragdon).

Zach's Interdimensional Stuff
Zach's Interdimensional Stuff is not as fringe as it may sound; in fact, it offers neophyte peerers into the Fourth Dimension a chance to see actual (albeit theoretical) models of what it may look like. This site also offers a few links to not only supposedly incontrovertible proof on why the Fourth Dimension exists, but also to downloadable images such as a rotating hypercube (the mathematical model of the Fourth Dimension). As a research tool, this site offers most in the way not of hard science or artistic application, but of layman explanation (with pictures, no less).