Brad Ricca is a doctoral student in English at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH. He is shown here with his fourth-dimensional counterpart at the 4-D Brad's wedding (the 3-D Brad is on the right). This was Brad's first trip to the fourth dimension (where the fourth-dimensional Brad married the fourth-dimensional Helen Hunt). Of the fourth dimension, 3-D Brad said "Actually, what impressed me the most was how great the cake was." Overall, a good time was had by all even though the one-dimensional Brad just kept saying "yeah, baby" in a horrible British accent and the sixth-dimensional Brad threatened complete planar conquest (until he found out the president of the fourth dimension was the 1968 Bill Shatner). The two-dimensional Brad was just too out of focus for anyone to care. Anyway, 3-D Brad has no plans to return even though the process itself was quite easy (sing "Let's Do the Time Warp" to the tune of any Journey song and stand back). Frankly, to be truthful, he said the whole place looked a lot like California.

Brad looks forward to getting his Ph.D sometime before the end of time on December 12, 2012. Until then, he leads a simple life as a mild-mannered grad student by day and costumed crimefighter...but that's none of your business. Brad also hopes to never do another website again for the simple fact that everytime he had to tell someone "I have to work on my site" he felt like an utter and complete dork. Those days are out with the bathwater, says he, and if he ever gets to see the Large Glass in person, Brad vows to walk up to it and say, "Man, it's stuffy in here" and try to violently fling it open like a window. Until then, America.