Still Life with Violin and Pitcher, Georges Braque, 1910.


--Memory, by Eugene Berman
The writing of Canto XVIII of Stevens's "Man with the Blue Guitar" is believed to have been influenced by this painting.

The "Dominion Wide Mouth" by Roy Harvey Pierce is said to be the "source" for "Anecdote of the Jar."

Swifts: Paths of Movement and Dynamic Sequences by Giacomo Balla.

Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash by Giacomo Balla.

Quarry and Mont Sainte-Victoire, Paul Cezanne, 1898 - 1900

Nude Descending a Staircase, Marcel Duchamp, 1912.


Bicycle Wheel by Marcel Duchamp. This was Duchamp's first readymade.


Fountain by R. Mutt by Marcel Duchamp. This readymade was not allowed to be shown at the First Annual Exhibition of the Society of Independent Artists. It's rejection sparked a dialogue over the nature of art.


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