The inention of this site is to provide tools for advanced mathematical computations.
This site not only provides a simple way for any amateur mathematician to do immense calculations, but also includes instructions and examples of mathematical concepts from subjects like Number Theory and Cryptography. While an individual need not learn how to code, the explanations provide motivation for future implementation through code.


To allow for large number computations, this website implements the SAGE programming language.
Sage uses many of today's most advanced methodologies, algorithms, and computational engines to provide nearly unfettered computation capabilities. Sage also implements calculators like Pari within its calculations.


Mathematicians will always need a quick and easy way to do a computation.
Whether a mathematician wants to do this professionally, academically, or leisurely, this site will (hopefully) get it done. To accommodate nearly any amateur mathematician's need, this site should be updated regularly to include more computations of mathematical problems. Although including more computations can be easily done, deciding which ones are feasible or necessary is a challenge.