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Damien Retzinger

Web Designer


My name is Damien Retzinger. I'm a web-desinger, mathematician, doctor-to-be, wanna-be linguist, guitarist, and gamer!

I graduated from Case Western Reserve University with a major in Mathematics, and a minor in Chemistry. I've worked in several fields, such as web design, regenerative medicine, healthcare, and professional gaming.

I have worked for the National Center for Regenerative Medicine as a web designer. I have also done stem cell research under Huiping Liu, MD PhD.

This website is a senior design project with my instructor David Singer.

You can contact me via my Case Western email:


At Toronto Aquarium with Alex

Web Editor

I'm MacKyla Patterson (CWRU class of 2015), a mathematics student and part-time webeditor who will work with IBM in Dublin, OH, after graduation. For my senior project, also advised by David Singer, I've become primary maintainer of this site. Over the span of a year, I will add more web pages for Number Theory and Cryptography.

If you would like to contact me, send an email to my Case ID:


Hannah Olson-Williams

Web Editor

My name is Hannah Olson-Williams. After I graduate from CWRU in May 2016, I will serve as a Peace Corps volunteer in Lesotho where I will teach secondary math. Like Damien and MacKyla, I am a mathematics student at CWRU, and I have become maintainer of this webpage for my senior project advised by Dr. David Singer.

Contact me via email: