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The course: This is a graduate level course concerning theory and applications of functions of a complex variable. Besides for graduate students (in math or elsewhere), the course will be suitable for undergraduates who are overqualified for MATH 324 (i.e., they meet the prerequisite, MATH 322, and have reasonable familiarity with complex numbers).

Course Catalog Description : Analytic functions. Integration over paths in the complex plane. Index of a point with respect to a closed path; Cauchy's theorem and Cauchy's integral formula; power series representation; open mapping theorem; singularities; Laurent expansion; residue calculus; harmonic functions; Poisson's formula; Riemann mapping theorem. More theoretical and at a higher level than MATH 324.

Grades: Your Final Grade in the course will be based on Attendance/Assignments/Various Forms of Class Participation (50%), Midterm Exam (20%; the week of February 23) and Final Exam (30%; default time 4/30/2015, 12:30-3:30PM).
Students with special needs should contact Educational Services for Students.

Assigments etc: Regularly updated assignments and other info will be posted here. Solutions (and handouts etc.) will be posted on Blackboard.

Integrity: It is OK (and indeed encouraged) to discuss homework assignments with fellow students. However, any submitted work must be your own. Merely copying someone else's work is unethical, a waste of time, and may be penalized. See CWRU academic integrity policy.

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