Lattice coverings and Gaussian measures of n-dimensional convex bodies

Abstract: Let $\| \cdot \|$ be the euclidean norm on ${\bf R}^n$ and $\gamma_n$ the (standard) Gaussian measure on ${\bf R}^n$ with density $(2 \pi )^{-n/2} e^{- \| x\|^2 /2}$. Let $\vartheta$ ($ \simeq 1.3489795$) be defined by $\gamma_1 ([ - \vartheta /2, \vartheta /2]) = 1/2$ and let $L$ be a lattice in ${\bf R}^n$ generated by vectors of norm $\leq \vartheta$. Then, for any closed convex set $V$ in ${\bf R}^n$ with $\gamma_n (V) \geq 1/2$ and for any $a \in {\bf R}^n$, $(a +L) \cap V \neq \phi$. The above statement can be viewed as a ``nonsymmetric'' version of Minkowski Theorem.