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Course Grader & Teaching Assistant: Tim Anderson is both the grader for the course and the teaching assistant. If you would like to set up a meeting with Tim, please e-mail him at tsa3 (at) He will be available weekly 2:30-4:30 on Mondays in the SAGES Cafe (the coffee shop directly above where class meets) for drop in consultations, and will generally be available at some subset of the following times by appointment:

Practice Exercises

Date Assigned Assignment Date Due
1/15 Informal writing assignment:
Read the first chapter of Izhikevich and define the following in your own words:
  • attractor
  • limit cycle
  • threshold
  • separatrix
  • bifurcation
1/24 2/5
2/12 2/26
3/20 4/8
4/8 This assignment is optional. 4/24


Download XPP
Download some simple course exercises separately or all in one tar file.

Izhikevich's code for "simple models"

Download the tar file.

Exploring the Morris Lecar Burster with XPP

Download the tar file.

Bursting and Dendritic Morphology

Download Mainen & Sejnowski's 1996 Nature paper and the hoc code for the associated exercise.

Readings following Dynamical Systems in Neuroscience

Date Assignment
Tues-Thurs 4/8-10
Tues-Thurs 4/15-17


On Thursday 4/24/08 another event is scheduled in Crawford A09 from 11:30-1:15. We may need to begin class a few minutes late that day.

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